Our CAO, Deborah Martin-Downs, talks about Credit Valley Conservation’s 2015 accomplishments.

Highlights include:

  • Removed about 10,000 cubic meters a sediment at Rattray Marsh to restore the wetland
  • Unfortunately, we had to remove about one thousand ash trees at Rattray Marsh that were infested with emerald ash borer to keep park visitors safe
  • The Lakeview Waterfront Connection environmental assessment was approved and now we’re onto design and implementation of the 26 hectare conservation area
  • We’re developing the route for the Credit Valley Trail that is going to follow the river valley for 113 kilometers from Port Credit through Brampton, into Halton Hills and eventually Caledon
  • We planted tens of thousands of trees
  • We educated over 18,000 adults, families and children about the environment and climate change
  • We are planning the future of our Belfountain Conservation Area to reflect its hundred-year heritage
  • We closed the gap with the Friends of Island Lake by completing the eight kilometre Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail around Island Lake

Thank you to all CVC staff, volunteers and partners for your support.

Please join us in 2016 for another great year of work in the watershed!

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  1. Thank you for your summary.
    Much health, happiness for the New Year to you and your colleagues. and please keep up the good work- CVC provides a wonderful resource to protect our local environment to the enjoyment of the whole community,

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